Monday, April 6, 2009

Comrie On The Move Again?

Has Mike Comrie suddenly become the "Dead Man Walking" of the Ottawa Senators?

Quietly, Comrie has begun to disappear into the lineup, playing marginal minutes on the third line and being fairly invisible on the power play.

Comrie hasn't had a point since March 22 against the Rangers (He got one tonight). That was 8 games ago.

Before that Ranger game, Comrie had gone 5 matches without a point. So that math is now 2 points in his last 13 games. In total he has 7 points in 19 games as a Senator.

Not only is Comrie not making a case for himself to stay near his current 4 million salary, he's making himself an also-ran in the unofficial "Comrie or Neil" sweepstakes.

Bryan Murray may only have the money to sign one of Comrie or Chris Neil and right now, it's a no-brainer. Neil is the guy.

Just take a look at tonight's physical match in Montreal. Neil was noticeable all night long in a game that was as close as the Senators will get to a playoff atmosphere. Comrie was tiptoeing through the tulips.

It's clear that Ryan Shannon has outplayed Comrie and has gained the trust of Cory Clouston. That's why Comrie is treading water on the third line.

Comrie is an excellent player at times and he still has a lot to offer a team like Ottawa, but right now it doesn't look like his head is into it. I'm not saying he's pouting at the minutes he's getting, but he's also not proving Clouston wrong by playing his way back up the charts.

I'd expect Murray to look elsewhere to park Eugene Melnyk's money next season. The feeling is likely mutual.


Larry Brooks of the NY Post makes a great point about the overblown hullabaloo surrounding Sean Avery's comical Slapshot act with Bruins goalie Tim Thomas:
"Excuse me, but Milan Lucic sticks out his leg and injures a defenseless Nik Antropov by going knee-on-knee midway through the second period on Saturday, and it's Sean Avery who should be suspended for kind of stupidly using his stick to tap Tim Thomas on the back of his helmet during a TV timeout?

The absence of context is the crux of the issue here, just as always. Headhunters such as Chris Pronger and Gary Roberts, who historically injure opponents, are routinely deified, notably by the sanctimonious brigade north of the border, but Avery, who has never hurt anyone but himself, must be banned for the good of the sport? "

To be honest, it's getting a little tiresome listening to the morality brigade trying to kick Avery out of the NHL for even the mildest of incidents.

What Avery did to Thomas was hilarious and solidly in the long NHL tradition of the pest.

The self-righteousness of the punditry when it comes to Avery is getting stale. They complain the game doesn't have enough personalities yet they hammer down every nail that dares to rise up from the grain.

One minute they love Alex Ovechkin and his wild celebrations, the next they want him humiliated for celebrating too hard.

And Brooks is right. The hockey media establishment in Canada thinks they own the game and deem themselves the ultimate arbiters of taste and behaviour. They haven't seen an outrageous personality like Avery before and they don't like it (yet they forget the likes of Eddie Shack and Tiger Williams were almost equal the morons of a guy like Avery. Williams once did the same thing except it was to Scotty Bowman's head when he was on the bench watching the play down the ice. True story. Look it up.).

They try to pin the blame on Avery for the Dallas Star's lost season but in reality, it was not having a healthy Sergei Zubov and Marty Turco playing the worst hockey of his career that led to their downfall.

They've been rid of Avery for a long time now but they completely faded down the stretch on their own.

So save the morality lessons and let the kid goon it up. It's fun to watch.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I thought what Avery did was awesome - what the hell is Thomas doing stretching like a ballerina way out there in the middle of the ice. It was just a love tap, Avery plays the pest so well.

Way to go Sean - next time stick Ovechkin after one of his stupid celebrations.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Sean Avery at all. I don't like his act. But, I agree with you.

Brooks makes a valid point. Avery is usually harmless. There are guys who actually injure players with questionable tactics, who are then celebrated by the Canadian media establishment as "warriors".

Avery's antics are definitely blown out of proportion. Take his "sloppy seconds" comment. Definitely distasteful and not the smartest thing to say in front of a camera. But, it was worse to hear then guys at Team 1200 berate him for it. It made me wonder if they had ever listened to the morning show (TGOR).

The Canadian sports media is full of hypocrisy.

Don Cherry argues that fighting should be allowed because the fans love it. By the same token he critisizes Ovechkin for celebrating goals. Guess what Don, it's the same argument, because the fans like that too.

I don't think that Comrie would be a good use of cash. I like the player, he just doesn't fit at this point. Maybe we could bring him back as a rental again.

Oman said...

Do you think they could be keeping Comrie's ice time down to drive his market value down this summer?

Re. Avery: well said. He's a total buffoon, but the Tim Thomas thing was hilarious. He could get game misconducts for things like that and the Brodeur incident, I'd say, but a suspension or banishment? Save the big punishments for Don Cherry's hero's when they seriously injure people.

Anonymous said...

i don't like the over-celebration goals by OV.

jeremy - where have you been???

Omar is a troll.

Oman said...

Ok, that's it, I'm going Anonymous too...

Anonymous said...


Andrew said...

It's just par for the course from Comrie. The fact that he's put up 2 30 goal seasons in his career belies his steady underacheivement. Id let him walk

Anonymous said...

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hambown said...

With Shannon and Foligno finishing the season strong, there's no way Murray can resign Comrie at anything near what he's making this year. That doesn't bother me though, as he should put that money into getting someone to upgrade our D. Ohlund or Beauchemin would be huge! I fear we have no hope of getting Jay Bouwmeester.

However, I have a crazy thought. Edmonton or Calgary will both make big pushes to sign Bouwmeester in the off season. But both have major cap issues. Maybe we could pick up one of their D in a trade (and Jason Smith goes back the other way)? Visnovsky or Souray would look good in a Sens uniform, no?

Anonymous said...


I think that you're on to something. I think that JBo will end up in Edmonton. That means that they will be looking to dump salary.

I could see Souray moving to Ottawa in some sort of deal. Smith and Auld or Bass, might get it done.