Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday Night Insanity

The season is starting to get long for some players.

And it showed last night.

First up it was Sidney Crosby just grabbing Brett McLean of Florida off the face-off and beating the tar out of him. I'm thinking that Crosby was imagining McLean was his job-endangered coach Michel Therrien but I guess we'll never know.

Then it was Wade Redden hammering Chris Clark of the Capitals (atta boy Redds!). At first it didn't look like Wade wanted to fight but he sure finished it off in a memorable way (the video is pretty grainy but good enough to get the idea). You might be reminded of the time Redds one-punched Buffalo Sabre Mike Grier to La La Land during a pre-season tilt many years ago.

The Best For Last

In the same game, Alexander Semin goes Kung Fu Monkey style (or plays a drum solo ala Animal of the Muppets) on Marc Staal. This video speaks for itself. Amazing.

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