Monday, January 5, 2009

Mesz Plays With 64 Stitches In His Grill

Everyone's favourite punching bag in Ottawa until he was dealt to Tampa this summer, Andrej Meszaros is starting to make an impression on his teammates and his coaches by playing a game after getting 64 stitches in his face the night before. The gruesome injury happened on Saturday night when he took a slapshot directly in the face.

"Wearing a full-cage mask and on mild pain medication, Meszaros played 25:38 against the Thrashers, blocked a shot and was plus-1. It was his 285th consecutive game since the start of his four-year career.

"I wanted to help the team," Meszaros, 23, said. "I knew we had a couple of guys banged up. I said I wanted to play every game if it's possible. It's not like it's a broken arm or leg. You have to suck it up and go."

Meszaros received stitches outside and inside his top lip, in his gum line and on the roof of his mouth. Thanks to his mouth guard, Mulligan said, he lost zero teeth.

"He played really well," coach Rick Tocchet said. "Here's a 23-year-old kid who told me he wanted to play (Saturday) night. That's leadership to me. That's a big step for Mez on the leadership ladder."

- St. Petersburg Times

The Senators are missing this guy badly, though no one will admit it. Say what you will, the guy could move the puck and he could hit the net with a hard shot from the point. He's also tough as hell and hasn't missed a game to injury yet in his career! His contract is going to be a bargain once he turns 25 years old and becomes one of the most dependable D-men in the league.


Peter said...

I don't know that he'll ever be one of the most dependable defencemen in the league, but I've always thought it was impressive that the guy has never missed a game in his career. Good for him, and Tocchet's right: That is leadership.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The Sens will regret that move.

Canucnik said...

We thought keeping #14 was a no brainer, too many messages beening sent, not enough managing. The life of a pro hockey player, after carying #6 for 2 years now he has a whole team on his back. Good Luck to him, at least he gets to go for beers with #4, lots of beers.

Anonymous said...

Good for Mez. But I gotta agree with peter, he'll never be one of the most dependable players in the league.

Jalen said...

Mez is a good guy and glad to see he's making an impression on his teamates, but I haven't seen, in Ottawa or Tampa, the progress that I expected since his rookie campaign.

Mez didn't carry #6, that's crazy. And he couldn't hit the net on the PP, else he might still be here.

- Jalen

Canucnik said...

To Jalen: Meszaros was playing well "enough" and is projected out big; he was going to earn more than #4 or #24 & therefor had to go. The GM sent the message in Ottawa we have certain "standards" (pay ranges) for our core guys, he was going to exceed this. "Catch 22". Redden is in Saturday Night; we shall see who he is partnered with as he has had a variety of partners so far (He is simply just hard to play with, for anyone). Andrej is used as the example of how we used to hit the net from the point and now do not.

talkinghockey said...

i'm pretty happy with the two acquisitions we received in his departure. even though kuba is out right now he has been a much better player in comparison to andrej and picard shows much promise.

Canuknik said...

At the time of the transaction it was "magical" (we were looking at very little, initially). But the best player in the deal wins the trade blah blah blah. If Picard projects out (I think he will) the Sens made the best of a bad situation. One for our GM. The one I still cannot see is #21, I don't know what we were thinking.

Jalen said...

To Canuknik:

Meszaros's projected development isn't what it was after his rookie campaign. I agree, BM made the best he could of the situation. I'm confident he'll use the SJ pick well.

I don't know who cites Mez as an example of how we used to hit the net, it certainly isn't by anyone that watched the games since he couldn't. Mez couldn't crack the first team PP unit in part because he wasnt' accurate enough (think Salo and Schubert) and in part because he makes very poor decisions with the puck.

- Jalen

Canucnik said...

OK! The accuracy reference was the CBC crew (the Colour man) last Saturday Night's game?? (But I do like the height (knees/tipable) and he does try to get central (off the boards) to shoot. Mez is going to make huge money next contract based on "passed performance" and projected value. This may have been one of those ones where the guy looks better when playing against him, also teamed with #6 didn't flatter him for Ottawa MGT was looking through the Redden screen.

Anonymous said...

Hey Peter - i wrote a comment on here yesterday under anon. and can see it wasn't posted.


If we actually take the time to write something out please don't be a moron and remove it. Otherwise iam going to stop supporting your site.

and don't give me any BS that says the post wasn't respectful. The only thing it said remotely dissrespectful was that Mez getting 64 stiches couldnt of happened to a better guy. There is nothing wrong with saying that - he screwed Ottawa and the sens. Frak him, and frak you too if you remove posts like that.

you owe me an apology.