Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Perpetual Road Trip On The Horizon

Putting Martin Gerber in the nets against Chicago on Wednesday night seems reasonable enough but the decision is also a risky one.

The game is not a must-win by any means but soon enough the Senators are going to be in a tough position schedule-wise.

Starting on December 23 in Philadelphia, the Senators are on the road for 8 straight games to make way for the World Junior Championships here in town. Unfortunately for Craig Hartsburg and company, only the Toronto Maple Leafs are considered somewhat of a soft-touch but the Senators have already lost to them once this season.

What's even worse is that the Senators are on the road for 11 of their next 14 games and also face two separate road trips of 5 and 6 games in February and March respectively.

The moral of the story?

The Senators need to rack up points right now because they are not the type of team that can win an upcoming 6 out of 8 on one road trip. It's just not going to happen.

When Gerber is in the net, who knows what the result will be? I doubt that he provides the best option to win the game but at some point, Alex Auld needs a break.

Now "Super Mario" gets his chance. But he better stop that first shot...


More problems for Senators fans. The game tomorrow night is on TSN 2, a channel that is not carried by Rogers Cable. It's not being shown on Centre Ice either. Maybe it's because I live in the city, but I don't know one person who uses satellite cable, which is the only way to watch the game.

Just add it to the already lengthy list of nights this year that fans haven't been able to watch their hometown team. It's starting to feel like we're the Bill Wirtz owned Chicago Blackhawks circa 2000.

At least us Rogers subscribers have about 30 Sportsnet regional channels all showing the same thing - poker and UFC.


I keep telling you, with Tampa falling apart, Ottawa should try to get their hands on Mark Recchi. If Ottawa moves a certain forward to get help on defence, Recchi would be the perfect replacement. He's fast, he's cheap, and he's got at least one more playoff run in him. He'd be a great replacement for Cory Stillman (who would have been useful in Ottawa this year) and the time and price couldn't be more right.


And for the record, yes, Glenn Kulka disparaged Jason Spezza today on Over The Edge, saying the youngster needs to do more for the team.

Four goals in two games doesn't provide a big opening for criticism but Kulka somehow managed to find the justification. Now that takes pure skill.

Congratulations Kulkster.

The sceptics said it couldn't be done. Even I thought you'd have to go at least one day without it.

But you showed them. Don't ever let the facts get in the way of a good ol' Spezza shitkicking.


In case you missed this, Sports Illustrated ranked the NHL's new third jersey's and Ottawa fared poorly, finishing 17th out of 19, just ahead of Atlanta and Dallas. Like everyone else, the main problem seems to be with the "Sens" patch on the front.


Peter said...

Four goals in two games, five goals in three games, nothing's good enough for ol' Kulkster.

And I don't want to get personal here, because I'm kind of afraid he could kick my ass, but the Kulkster isn't designed for radio. MMA, m-m-maybe, but he can't finish a sentence he starts to save his life. And now the TEAM brass seem to think he can host a show? I think we can find better analysis in this city, give Kulka a Sunday morning show on fighting.

Anonymous said...

OTE (never listen to it) is pathetic. No sens fan should listen that shite, and if they didn't, maybe 1200 would get a new host. Anyway, I like your blog, but you've GOT to cut it out with the Recchi fetish. Seriosly. You can't think that lil old recchi can replace vermette. Or, for that matter that the sens will be making an extended run in the playoffs. If BM made that trade, it'd be his last trade as a GM in the NHL. It's a young mans game now.

Anonymous said...

The best way to deal with the sense of doom before a Gerber start, is to play Proline.

Gerber's good for at least 3 goals. Take the Over in a Sens loss. Take Anaheim over St. Louis to round out your ticket. It's a winner.

I'm a Sens fan, but gotta be realistic. If they win I'm happy, if they lose, I got something to be happy about as well.

Anonymous said...

I think Recchi could be a useful addition, if we don't have to give up anything to get him (sixth rounder or later).

He might be a good complement to Vermette, like Stillman was last year.

Ottawa has got a lot out of Vermette defensively over the years. I still don't think that they've got the most out of him offensively.

His new line has energy, but I think that we would get more out of Vermette if he was paired with a guy like Recchi over the long haul.

senatecommittee.blogspot.com said...

we'll have a live stream of the game

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple - The Kulkster is a complete meathead who needs to check himself and learn to put two coherent words together!

Anonymous said...

Paired with Recchi over the long haul? The guys almost frickin 40! The long haul please. Stick a fork in him, he's done. Enough about Recchi. Trading for ANOTHER old-timer is the last thing this team needs. They need to start thinking about the fact that they have very little talent in the pipeline, not consider trading for guys who'll be playing in the old timers games soon.