Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If You Want Blood...You've Got It

Just in the mood I guess...

Vintage Senators scraps. (With a nod to

Chris Neil vs Aaron Downey Oct. 2006
This is an absolutely monstrous bout with Neil taking a really hard shot to the face about halfway in. It just makes him smile.

Brian McGrattan vs Cam Janssen Nov. 2006
Ridiculous. Janssen should have went down at least five times but he landed the punch of the fight once McGrattan got a little tired.

Zdeno Chara vs Vincent Lecavalier (with a sidebout of Dany Heatley vs Nolan Pratt)
An absolute classic. Chara doesn't want to fight until Lecavalier gets in an early shot. The big man wakes up and unleashes hell. Watch for the cocked fist from Chara right before Kerry Fraser jumps in and saves Lecavaliers life.

Dennis Vial vs Rob Ray 1995
Not many remember Vial anymore but he was a tough dude and this is a brutal old-school slugfest.

Shane Hnidy vs P.J. Stock from way back.

"You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts!!" - Bruce Wayne


Anonymous said...

you missed my favourite one: Chara vs. McCabe

albanada said...

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