Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Schaefer Clears Waivers Then Takes A Shot From Murray

Via Bruce Garrioch at Off The Posts:

"He wasn't happy when I was coaching here. When people are like that they tell me they don't want to work really hard all the time and so when I became the GM I moved him fairly quickly," said Murray. "My thinking was if you're not willing to work and you're not willing to pay a price and you're not happy in whatever role you're given, every year you learn you have to have guys that will work hard and are satisfied with the role they're given on a hockey team. You want guys who care about winning and not always about themselves."

Somewhat timely for the Senators is that they now have a player in Jesse Winchester who is getting compared to Schaefer and his ability to control pucks along the boards.

Steve Conroy at the Boston Herald talked to Boston GM Peter Chiarelli about Schaefer:

“It was difficult,” Chiarelli said. “I had a history with him with Ottawa and I brought him in here. It wasn’t working out. I know he’s a good player but these things happen. We talked (Monday) and we had a good talk. He may end up in another NHL city, he may end up in Providence.”

“He’s been in the league awhile and I think he saw it coming, especially with the play of Blake Wheeler,” Chiarelli said. “He pretty much expected it is what he told me. He’s disappointed that it didn’t work out here.”

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Anonymous said...

Peter Schaefer 101:

worst trade in the history of the Sens was Salo for Peter Schaefer. We miss you Sami, and good riddence Peter. Your a lazy bum with a stupid stick - this isn't lacrosse it's hockey. You just got what was coming to you and I love it!!!