Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Theme Song Craziness

It looks like the "Bring Back The Sens Theme Song" movement is starting to gain strength. People have been bemoaning the loss of the song when the players take to the ice (it's been replaced with some canned piece of crap by a band called Rev Theory) and now it's gotten some mainstream media attention.

James Gordon over at the Ottawa Citizen wrote a whole piece on the subject and even got a lame response from the Senators director of game entertainment who says that the new song fits the "edginess" theme of the Senators season.

Like...whatever dude.

The best part of the article might be the passionate fan responses at the bottom.

"Much like the botched Centurion opening in last year's playoffs, this is a move that reeks of someone in marketing getting delusions of grandeur."

"This year, the fans are barely even reacting when they come on the ice. I sit in the 300s, which are usually the best place for cheering, but to start the games this year it is like a tomb up there. Even worse than the entrance for the 1st is the entrance for the second. It actually depresses the fans. "

" I cant believe the organization would toss away such a significant and recognizable piece of their brand. It blows my mind..."


Here's some video of Adam Mair trying to get into the Senators dressing room, in case you've been under a rock.


Looks like the Alfie contract is going to be announced today.

See you after the game.


Anonymous said...

Im truly perplexed by the organizations decision...

I just wish there was a way for them to realize how important this song is to the community...

Anonymous said...

From the Sens site:

Do you have a song suggestion or music request? Contact Glen at

Fire away boys!

Andrew J said...

Just sent Glen Gower an e-mail outlining my thoughts (and those of the fans) on bringing back the theme. This is definetly something worth getting behind.