Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"He Haunts Us Still...."

There's a lot of things wrong with the Ottawa Senators right now but some things are easier fixed than others.

And now it's time to fix Martin Gerber. No more excuses.

First it was Ray Emery who was somehow unfairly pushing him for playing time. Then it was John Paddock pulling him in a long ago forgotten game, destroying his "confidence".

Both of those roadblocks were removed from Gerber's career. He has had massive support among the fanbase and the media in Ottawa. Everyone loves this guy, rain or shine and he has been given every opportunity in the world despite the fact that he continues to lose, year after year.

But now the damage he has done to the organization has hit the terminal point.

He has become a classic example of a media constructed legend. If they keep saying he's a number one goalie, eventually everyone will believe it, regardless of the reality.

And now a question to his legions of fans and apologists who no doubt will turn their minds inside out to dredge up more half-cocked excuses for his play: Are you fans of the Ottawa Senators or are you fans of Martin Gerber? It's a valid question because the two entities are increasingly becoming polarized.

Should the goals of the organization be put aside so they can continue this exhausting charade of trying to reward the "good guy"?

Will Bryan Murray really risk his job going to the wall for Martin Gerber? Will Hartsburg?

How long before everyone realizes that they've been strolling through a Potemkin Village?


Andrew said...

I didn't have a chance to catch last night's game..... Gerbs let in some weak goals again, I trust?

Anonymous said...

Nothing is to be gained by pinning all the Sens' woes on Martin Gerber. The whole team is struggling--forwards aren't producing goals, the defencemen are pathetic, and overall the team shows lack of effort and heart. This is not a team that is playing to win. Something is VERY wrong with these guys. Stillman had to be laughing his head off, having lived with the team problems last year,knowing exactly what these players are like, and able to use his knowledge and underappreciated skill to produce a goal and an assist against them!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Jeremy ~ Gerbage is terrible, gass him already.

More importantly, I would love to gass Bryan Murray. He has ruined our franchise since he was promoted to GM. FIRE MURRAY FIRE MURRAY!!

Anonymous said...

I agree--Murray is responsible for this debacle. It's time he got out.

nate. said...

Look, you can say that hes not the only reason they arent a contender. Thats totally reasonable Because the teams problems run deeper than gerber. But the fact remains that hes lost them 2 games of six which is pretty undisputable. Confidence in your goaltender is so important and its a great place to start for a team that has trouble getting pucks out of its zone. Sure they need another puck moving defensman but they wont win any games with the way gerbers playing. He actually made some strides last season, but so far hes gone completely in the opposite direction. Ive gave him the benefit of the doubt until the start of this season, but this definately doesnt look good. START AULD DAMN IT... Why wouldnt the team struggle with a bad goaltender.