Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gerber Gets Start On Saturday

It’s an interesting move and probably a no-lose proposition for coach Craig Hartsburg.

If Martin Gerber falters against the powerful Wings, Hartsburg will have a better idea of what Gerber is all about and it will clear the way for Alex Auld to have a chance to get in the nets for a spell and solidify this team going forward.

If Gerber plays well (and wins, more importantly), Hartsburg will be credited with restoring Gerber’s confidence.

Actually, it’s a stroke of genius.

He’s letting Gerber fight for his hockey life right now and he’s putting him in the most pressure filled position that could possibly be dreamed of.

Home opener.

Coming off a brutal performance that’s threatening to turn his huge and loyal fan-base against him.

Against the Stanley Cup Champions.

It might be considered a victory for Gerber if he’s able to stop the first shot on goal but he really has a chance here to save himself.

The pressure on this guy will be out of control and he’ll have no choice but to make a statement.


TheHux said...

Part of me is hoping that Gerber gets shelled and then we can be done with this and KNOW that Gerber is not the man. Whether Auld can do the job remains to be seen, but I think it's safe to say that besides a brief run of success early last season, Gerber has never been a picture of confidence/consistency.

And on another note, I'm tired of hearing analysts talk about how much weaker the Sens defense will be this year. Anyone who actually watched the Sens last year knows how brutal the defense was, and Redden and Meszaros had awful years. Hartsburg will have this crew playing much smarter hockey defensively this year.

Anonymous said...


nate. said...

obviously the defense will be better at keeping the goals against down but i think they are talking more about the lack of offense from the sens blueline compared to years past, with kuba being the only real proven scoring threat. We shall see if Lee and picard develop or if they make a move before the deadline.