Monday, October 20, 2008

Fisher's In - Beer Is Out

There's been some line shuffling in Kanata but there's no reason to get too overwrought.

No one in their right mind would put their money on Mike Fisher lasting as the number one centre for more than 3 games. Personally, I'll give it two periods before Hartsburg reunites Jason Spezza with Dany Heatley.

The reason?

They are simply too effective when they are together. Spezza might be the whipping boy when the team loses but he still gives the team a better chance of winning when he's setting up Heatley full time. That's just the way it is.

The strength of Spezza's game is setting up goal scorers and Heatley and Daniel Alfredsson are the only ones on this team.

So don't go dropping number 19, the team point leader, from your hockey pool just yet. This is a shot across the bow from the coach, trying to shake up the team a little. But Hartsburg knows where his bread gets buttered.

I do like the fact that Hartsburg has finally reunited Chris Kelly with Antoine Vermette. They've always had good chemistry and it wouldn't be shocking to see Vermette break out of his month long torpor.

The news that should really be grabbing the attention from 19-and-over Sens fans (or 18-and-over fans from Gatineau) is that Scotiabank Place has apparently had their liquor license suspended (along with the Civic Centre).

If you can't go without the suds, you should check out this ingenious invention.


cash said...

Kelly and Vermette have been paired together in 5-on-5 situations all season long. Yeah, its been intermittent, but no combination other than the CASH hasn't been rotated...
And Spezza and Heatley haven't connected once this season. I wouldn't be so sure that they'll be reunited that quickly...

Anonymous said...

Any idea why the license was revoked??

Arzee said...

I wish you were right about the beer. There was lots of it at the arena, as numerous barely-adults behind me made painfully obvious over three periods. Something about yelling the f-bomb as many times as you possibly can, but not in a funny or constructive way, really ruined the experience. Not worth the money, Sens. Watching for free from home next time.