Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another Senators In-Rink Idea Gone Awry

Millions of things are going on in the world.

Yet somehow, this minor item has bothered me more than anything else today.

Apparently, the geniuses in the Senators organization who brought us the shame of the "World's Worst Ever Pre-Game Opening" in the form of an inaudible actor dressed up in a gladiator uniform, have now decided to scale back the use of the Senators traditional theme-song as the team skates onto the ice.

Instead they have been playing Europe's brutal 80's anthem "The Final Countdown".

Erin Nicks at Universal Cynic has the "scoop":

"Here's an interesting tidbit from the HFBoards: Fans who attended pre-season games reported that the Sens were coming onto the ice to Europe's The Final Countdown as opposed to the traditional team theme song. When questioned, the team claimed that it was just a pre-season switch-up, but that the regular theme would be "used less frequently" (again, this is according to the board). If this is true, someone from the Sens audio department should have their head examined. The theme resonates with pure cheesy goodness that can't be replaced with an overused 80's anthem. Furthermore, it's tradition -- something that this relatively young franchise doesn't have a lot of. It's original, it's fabulous and it should be used during every home game. End of story."

Hopefully it's not too late for this lame decision (if true) to be overturned. That damn theme should be played every time the players take the ice and be ingrained into every kids consciousness just like the Hockey Night In Canada theme song. You think people don't care about theme songs?

Not only did people freak out completely when the CBC lost the rights to the famous aforementioned song, some are still bemoaning the loss of "Brass Bonanza".

Don't let some punk ass audio-nerd at the rink screw with the traditions of the team in such a cavalier and crass way.

I gotta calm down...


Anonymous said...

I fully, 100%, with out a doubt agree with you!
Someone needs to start an online petition or something, if this B.S. is true...

Milks, I bestow on you the responsibility of being the man/blogger/myth to ensure the Sens Entrance Theme is preserved for the future generations!

Use your blog for the GOOD, not the evil...

Anonymous said...

Me too! this is a joke!

Anonymous said...

The pools up and ready to go! Starts tomorrow.