Thursday, September 6, 2007

You Know Rayzer Is Back In Town Because All Hell Breaks Loose

Emery is the best.

His clothes would blow out retinas in Manhattan, let alone Kanata, Ontario. His now infamous white Hummer has become iconic and greasy haired losers speculate about his personal life on the Sportsnet forums, claiming they have "inside" information. Sure bro.

Anyways, Rayzer got into some kind of incident on his first day of workouts in Ottawa when some dude cut him off on the Queensway and they exchanged middle finger salutes and a few F-bombs. The funniest thing is that this loser then drives immediately to Scotia Bank Place and complains to the team that Emery was being rude on the highway.

Emery says he won't apologize. Who cares. Rayzer is the coolest athlete to play in Ottawa since Angelo Mosca (and that includes Mike "I Dated Alanis Despite Having A Huge Mullet" Peluso).

He also says his wrist is still sore and might not get to see action until the season opener. At least Ottawa can rely on Martin Gerber. On second thought ... maybe Ray should speed up that rehab.

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