Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Habs 1, Flames 0

Perfection. Nothing else needs to be said about these.
Now onto the Flames...

At first brush you think, ok, nothing too major. They got the underarm problem like all the other teams and some ugly piping, but not too bad considering. Then you get a look at the backs.

Fancy boys! It looks like something Napoleon would wear. This has to be the worst all time back of a jersey in the history of the NHL. Then you get these two tacky patches here and here.

I guarantee people in Canada would get a little snippy if the Philadelphia Flyers put an American Flag on one shoulder and a Pennsylvania flag on the other. Perhaps Calgary should have played with the maple leaf symbol as part of a unique design but to just slap on a Canadian flag seems dull and uninspired. For one it doesn't match, and two, you seem to be placing yourselves above all the other Canadian franchises. In short, it's tacky as hell.

Next up is Pittsburgh. My retina's are starting to burn already.

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