Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Deja Vu All Over Again

I knew that someday my hoarding of old hockey yearbooks would pay off despite the threats of imminent violence from my neat and organized wife. I was browsing through my 98-99 Hockey News Yearbook when I stumbled upon this little paragraph from the Toronto Maple Leafs preview page:


Someone, anyone, with the ability to produce consistently alongside Sundin. The graceful Swede has played marvelously with little help the past two seasons, but at times seemed hamstrung by the lack of consistency on either side."

That paragraph is almost ten years old but it could just as well be describing Mats situation this year. Why hire new writers?

Just for the curious: The Leafs had just signed Curtis Joseph away from Edmonton and had let Wendel Clark walk to the Lightning. Pat Quinn had just been hired and Mike "Mr. Russia" Smith was still GM. Nikolai Antropov is listed as the Leafs top prospect.

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