Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vancouver Unveils Yet Another Uniform

There was more speculation about this uniform than any other this summer, particularly because I think Vancouver fans are the most rabid in all of hockey. The city is so laid back but they freaking love their Canucks even though the team has never achieved anything beyond two Cup final appearances.

Anyways, I think the uniforms look swell. Like most people I would have preferred the original stick logo on the front but I think the Orca is a decent logo and the sweater overrall is an ideal compromise between the old and the new. I do like the city name on the front and the horizontal stripes but they should have shrunk the logo a bit. Like trying to buy property in Kitsilano, there's just no acreage left.

Let's hope that the Canucks just stick with this jersey for better or worse. Fans must feel like they get an expansion team every ten years with all the colour and logo changes that have gone on. How many different designs has Trevor Linden wore?

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