Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Tampa Bay Lightning Jerseys. ... More of the same

These new Tampa uniforms are virtually the same style as Ottawa's, right down to the blocks of colour on the sleeves and the way the middle block runs up under the arm. I think these are an improvement for Tampa but certainly no home run fashion wise.

All of these new uniform styles remind me of the mid 1990's when a lot of teams changed up their templates with some flashy stripes and swooshes and gimmicky "modern features". In retrospect, we tend to laugh at those designs because they are such a departure from good taste. I'm positive that many of these new 2008 designs will suffer the same historical fate as the examples below.

Notice that all three of these examples used non-linear stripe patterns. In the new styles, they are leaving the fronts of the jerseys empty but filling the underarms with colour swooshes and putting non-linear stripes on the pants and socks.

Thanks to NHL Uniforms and Drop The Pucks for the images. Also check out Bleu, Blanc et Rouge for the up-to-date new uniforms section.

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