Monday, August 13, 2007

New Sens Logo’s Revealed! For Real This Time.

Well, this is as official as you can get because these logo’s have been trademarked by Capital Sports and Entertainment. You can go see them for yourself over at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office website here. Just type in Capital Sports and Entertainment in the search field and you can see the logo’s the Sens registered with the Federal Government body.

Of course, these don’t have the colours yet but you can imagine them in red, black and gold fairly easily.

What are my thoughts? I’m not a huge fan of the side profile logo even though it could be much worse. I always thought the original side profile logo was classy and sharp. This new one is a bit too rounded and it looks like the guy has a broom end on his helmet. I do like the fact that the circular logo represents the letter “O” a little better than the original but to me the logo looks too much like something advertising a casino or the official City of Ottawa logo. It may grow on me much like the “3D facing you” logo seen above.

As for my first reaction to the new 3D logo seen on Black Aces a few weeks ago, I initially spit coffee all over my computer screen in disgust but I grew to like the sharpness of it, as well as the flowing cape on his shoulders. Regardless, the logo’s are now more “child-friendly” but they haven’t done a complete butcher job either. I just wonder why the need to have a new logo at all?

Anyways, some dude on the sportsnet forums found this site with a bit of smart detective work. I’m sure Roy Mlakar will be pissed at the Feds once these logo’s make the internet rounds, but relax Roy, we’re all pissed at the feds for one reason or another. But does that Sens logo look a little like Stephen Harper? Hmmm…

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Sherry said...

Why, oh why did they mess with the side-profile logo? I may need to sit down for a minute.