Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Unreliable and Shoddy Pay-Per-View Games on the Sked

According to the Ottawa Sun, Sens fans are going to be asked to shell out for seven PPV games over the five that "broadcast" last year. I put "broadcast" in quotation marks because as anyone who watched the games knows, the new venture was sometimes a mess. Not only were the games not offered in High Definition (so far, they're not this year either) but the feed would often freeze and the audio would cut in and out prompting many customers to demand refunds.

At least this year's games are going to be spread out more than last year's. Of course, the Sens are trying to capitalize on the Crosby phenomenon and have made the Penguins visit to Ottawa in November a PPV. They also managed to throw in a Leafs game at the end of the season.

It's not that I'm completely against PPV. It seems like a reasonable way to make money for the organization but seven games is at least two too many. Plus, customers should receive a quality broadcast without fear of interruption. Putting the games on an HD channel should be the top priority for the club.
Stay tuned for images of the new Sens jerseys to be unveiled today at 4 o'clock.

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