Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Luke Richardson = Reggie Dunlop?

Just some tidbits for the midweek:

Luke Richardson, hometown Ottawa boy and once the victim of a Dino Ciccarelli stick to the head in the 80's (Dino actually served jail time for it) has signed for one year with Ottawa. Last season he was a player-coach with Tampa Bay which basically makes him Reggie Dunlop. Hopefully he'll see some ice time and incite some mind blowing violence.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Russia bound Oleg "Freakin" Saprykin is pissed about his experience in Ottawa. Meanwhile, two other Russians will be in training camp this year - Ilya Zubov and Alex Nikulin. Zubov especially is supposed to be pretty decent. Let's hope they don't have Mark Gandler as an agent.

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