Friday, August 17, 2007

Daily Classic Quotes - The Sexist Edition

Here's another disastrous collection of quotes from current and former NHL personalities. This time we get their feelings on the fairer sex. They range from the outright offensive and sexist ramblings of Harold Ballard to the comical takes of Mike Keane and Gino Odjick on the women in their life.

"Women are also capable of being mean. When she calls me two hours before a game to say, 'Tonight I'm going out with a guy, it's not easy to concentrate, especially when I know the guy."
- Martin Brodeur, referring to his (then) wife. Brodeur had recently had an affair with his wife's sister.

"I'm into guns, I'm really infatuated with women and I like to socialize a lot."
- Steve McKenna, then a Penguins winger, discussing his hobbies with the Hockey News.

"There are no better women in North America than in Montreal. Pittsburgh is terrible. The good cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Montreal, and Toronto."
- Derek Sanderson, a winger for the Bruins in the '70s, talks about women.

"She will tell you to fuck off every once in a while."
- Mike Keane, then with Colorado, describing his spirited 100-year-old grandmother.

"Women are good for only one thing - lying on their backs."
-Harold Ballard, former Toronto Maple Leafs owner, in a candid moment, speaking to journalist Barbara Frum.

"She won't be able to play bingo or shop for a whole month. Maybe Colin (Campbell) will get what he deserves when I tell her she can't play bingo or go to the stores. My advice to him is to run."
-Gino Odjick, while with the Montreal Canadiens, on his suspension without pay and how his wife Jolene might react to NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell's decision.

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