Monday, August 20, 2007

Daily Classic Quotes - Sens Edition

The Senators have had a short history, but a colourful one. Here's some of the more classic all-time quotes concerning the franchise, starting off with a few beauties from former Sens defenceman Ken Hammond.

"Now we know what the survivors of the Titanic felt like."

- Ken Hammond, a member of the Ottawa Senators for their first season in 1992-1993 when they finished with a record of 10 wins, 70 losses and 4 ties.

"Look, if I'd known Mullen was open, I never would've passed it to Stevens."

- Ken Hammond, former Ottawa Senators defenceman, analyzing a boneheaded play he made during the 1994-95 season. He passed the puck out of his own zone as Pittsburgh Penguins Kevin Stevens and Joey Mullen moved in to forecheck. Stevens intercepted the pass, fired it to Mullen, who scored.

"The crooks showed some taste."

- Former Ottawa Senators assistant coach E.J. McGuire, referring to thieves who only left the game tapes behind when they stole equipment from the Senators video room in 1994.

"I really couldn't give a shit what you people have to say."

- Senators goalie Tom Barrasso throws down an S-bomb on a stunned Scott Oake who is interviewing him live nation-wide on Hockey Night in Canada during the Leafs-Sens playoff series in 2000.

"Mother Teresa would have a bad reputation in Ottawa. You can't go down the street and so much as sneeze without something going wrong."

- NY Islanders GM Mike Milbury goes nutzoid on Ottawa while trying to defend his decision to obtain the much maligned Alexei Yashin from the Senators on June 23, 2001.

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