Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Daily Classic Quotes - Roger Neilson Edition

Roger Neilson was about as colourful as they come. Here's three good zingers from the legendary coach:

"Al's about as sincere as Liz Taylor saying 'ouch' on her honeymoon."

- Roger Neilson joking about Alan Eagleson at a light hearted roast in 1983. Neilson's comments were ironically prophetic as Eagleson was later convicted and sent to jail in the nineties for stealing pension funds from players during his reign as president of the Players Association.

"I was a little worried about the drinking, but they assured me they would be drinking everywhere we went."

- Roger Neilson, while coaching the Flyers, on his players wish to spend four off days in New Orleans.

"There are two things I don't want to know - how they make hot dogs and what goes on in the NHL office."

- Roger Neilson lobbing some smack at the league executives.

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