Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Classic Quotes

Here's another rancid batch of quotes from some of the best smack talkers (Mathew Barnaby) in the league over the years.

"To get my paycheque for two weeks, my family must work 200 years in Slovakia."

- Pavol Demitra of St.Louis talks about his 1.1 million-a-year contract in 1999.

"Cornelius, as we like to call him, gets under your skin. Planet of the Apes. Look at him. Seriously. He looks like Cornelius."

- Mathew Barnaby, then of the Penguins, on his bitter enemy Lyle Odelein.

"I scored on Tommy just to get my confidence going."

- Onetime Edmonton Oiler defenseman Scott Ferguson explains why he accidentally scored on his own goalie, Tommy Salo. The next game, Ferguson scored his first goal of the 2003-2004 season, and his first in 49 games.

"You give a hundred and twenty percent of your soul, you give up your family life, and then they kick you in the balls."

- Mike Keenan upon being fired by the Chicago Blackhawks as their coach and GM in 1992.

"The only difference between the Coyotes and 'Days of Our Lives' is that nobody has been shot on our team yet."

- Jeremy Roenick gets off a good blast about his own troubled Coyotes team in 2001.

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