Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poor Yashin. Nobody Understands Him But His Woman ... And She Be Jivin Too

Alexei Yashin is off to mobster controlled Russia to play hockey next year because no team in their right mind would give him more than a Chinese nickel to come in and destroy their dressing room chemistry.

Perhaps the most hated man in hockey, Yashin is leaving gal pal Carol Alt in New York. She vociferously came to her man's defence by not only claiming that Yashin was happy to go back to Russia, but even dredged up the old Ottawa business by saying that he never wanted to leave Ottawa in the first place. What a misunderstanding!

It doesn't matter to uber-agent Mark Gandler. He's still raking in the cash from Yashin's bought out contract with the Islanders. He's got enough cash to keep feeding greasy New York City hot dogs into that grill of his that he calls a mouth for a long time to come. Meanwhile Yashin is playing for the same crowds in Russia who once threw banana's on the ice at black player Anson Carter. Nice people there. Don't eat any yellow snow Yash.

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Such idiots like you shouldn't open blogs.